How to Get Google Play Pass on Your Android Device

How to Get Google Play Pass on Your Android Device

How to Get Google Play Pass on Your Android Device
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Google Play Pass It will provide Android users access to applications and games without any advertisements, in-app purchases, or upfront fees. The subscription-based service costs $1.23 per month to begin with. 

After subscribing, customers have access to a selected assortment of applications and games that they may install on their devices. Google Play features a specific section where consumers may access the Play Pass library of titles. Subscribers may now share their Play Pass membership with up to five additional family members if they have a Google family group.

How to activate Google Play Pass on an Android device

Before we get started on how to acquire Google Play Pass on your Android phone, it is crucial to understand that the service is presently being phased out and is not yet available to all customers in India. Google expects Play Pass to be fully operational within the next week. It is also necessary for the smartphone to be running Android 4.4 or higher and to have at least Google Play Store app version 16.6.25. Furthermore, in order to join up for the service, consumers must have a legitimate payment method.

1- Navigate to Google Play and press the profile symbol in the upper-right corner, close to the search bar.

2- Select Play Pass.

3- Hit To proceed with the subscription to the Play Pass service, begin on the introductory screen. You may also purchase an annual membership to save money over the monthly plan on a recurrent basis.

4- Examine the entire amount you must pay and scroll down to read the service conditions.

5- If everything seems fine, press Subscribe to activate the service on your account.

6- To proceed, enter your Google account password and hit Verify.

The service is notable for offering a free one-month trial. You may scroll down on the introductory screen to see the applications and games you'll get after signing up for Google Play Pass.

Google promises to have a handpicked library of over 1,000 titles from developers in 59 countries across 41 categories. To begin, the collection comprises 15 works from India. The list is also updated on a regular basis, with new applications and games being included.

How to Make Use of Google Play Pass

1- The procedures for using Google Play Pass on your Android phone are shown below.

2- Navigate to Google Play and click the Play Pass tab in the bottom bar.

3- Scroll down to see the titles that have been hand-picked for you.

4- Tap on any of the applications or games you desire and tap Install to download them to your smartphone.

Google Play displays the Play Pass "ticket" in the app and game listings that are available with your membership. Each app and game listing includes the real amount you would have to pay if you did not acquire Play Pass.

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